Relationship Repair Program

Our unique Relationship Repair Program is designed for couples where both partners are committed to investing the required time and effort into their own individual healing – and into repairing their relationship.

This program is comprised of the following components:

  • 10 one-hour individual counselling sessions
  • 6 one-hour joint counselling sessions
  • Specific tasks and worksheets developed by The Oak Centre
  • Professional review of completed tasks and worksheets by The Oak Centre
  • Development of a mutually agreed Relationship Constitution which clearly articulates expectations and principles upon which your relationship will be based moving forward

There is some flexibility regarding the frequency of the counselling sessions although it is recommended that the program be completed within a six-month period in order to maintain ‘recovery momentum’ and to maximise the positive outcomes. 

This is a proven, task-based program that achieves the following outcomes:  

  • Clarifying values in terms of qualities and attributes to which each partner aspires
  • Understanding the underlying factors of the acting out behaviour
  • Understanding the individual and relational recovery process
  • Recognising the negative impacts of the acting out behaviour
  • Developing healthy sexuality and connection
  • Healing from betrayal trauma
  • Learning to rebuild trust
  • Learning the Do’s and Don’ts of relational healing
  • Expressing relationship needs, expectations and boundaries
  • Enhancing communication using ‘Intimacy Dialogue’ skills
  • Learning to self-manage emotional states
  • Identifying and re-scripting dysfunctional thoughts
  • Developing and executing a Risk Management Plan
  • Processing/reframing childhood developmental wounds
  • Re-Visioning the relationship, including developing a Relationship Constitution

Importance of Individual Healing

The ‘health’ of a relationship is largely determined by the ‘health’ of each partner. Research and clinical experience have shown that relationship counselling works best once each individual is engaged in his/her own healing, and has gained sufficient momentum to enable relationship counselling to have a positive impact.

Our Relationship Repair Program is structured to include separate counselling sessions to allow each partner to experience sufficient healing prior to undertaking joint counselling sessions. When dealing with porn or sex addiction, commencing relationship counselling too early is “putting the horse before the cart”.