12 Step Groups

The following is a list of a number of 12 Step Group organizations that specialize in supporting individuals and partners struggling with sex addiction and/or co-sex addiction. Meetings are held in most countries and meeting locations can be found by searching on their web sites or by searching the Internet. 

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA): A 12 step program which uses a “traditional” definition of sexual recovery. Sobriety is defined as “No sexual behavior outside of a committed (heterosexual) marital relationship.” Has a program for spouses of sex addicts called S-Anon.  



Sexual Addicts Anonymous (SAA):A 12 Step program that encourages participants to clearly define their sexual sobriety through the boundaries of a “Sobriety Plan” which is developed by working with other recovering members. Has a program for partners of sexual addicts called C.O.S.A.  



Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) : A 12 step program focused on addictive sexual and romantic relationships. Helpful for people who consistently involve themselves in abusive, non-nurturing relationships as well as sex addicts.