Congratulations for taking the first step in seeking help either for you or for a loved one!

Do any of the following statements ring true for you?

  • I feel I am compromising my personal values as a result of my sexual behaviour
  • Important people in my life have been hurt by my sexual behaviour
  • I have unsuccessfully tried to stop certain sexual behaviours

If you answer YES to any of these statements, you have come to the right place for help

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Sex Addiction Healing Workshops

The Oak Centre regularly conducts a number of unique Sex Addiction Healing Workshops:


1. Partners Healing Workshop

If you are the partner of a sex addict and are struggling to deal with associated feelings such as betrayal, rejection, anger, confusion, and anxiety, this workshop is for you.


The Oak Centre is conducting a number of 3-Day Intensive Workshop for Partners during 2015. The next Partners Healing Workshop will be held on Wednesday 28 October to Friday 30 October at the Mercure Hotel in Canberra. For further details on the content of the workshops, call The Oak Centre on 0439 590 920 or email John Larkin at 


2. Couples Healing Workshop

Are you and/or your partner having relationship problems due to sexual acting out behaviour or sex addiction?


The Oak

Centre is conducting a number of 3-Day Intensive Couples Workshops during 2015. For details on the dates for the next Couples Workshop, call The Oak Centre on 0439 590 920 or email

John Larkin at       



Pornography Damages the Brain - New Research

Pornography Damages the Brain – New Research

Dr Donald Hilton Jr. is one of America’s foremost neurosurgeons and is also an expert on the effects of pornography viewing on the human brain. Early this year, John Larkin, Director of The Oak Centre had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hilton in person to discuss the effects of pornography on the brain. Read more

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Client Feedback

“Your Couples Workshop was like a life raft in the middle of a storm. We were constantly at “make or break” in our relationship up until we saw you. The workshop offered three days of calm , tranquil waters , soothing our pain. We really were lost at sea. But three days of intense focusing and learning about our problems , helped us on our healing journey.

It was like three days work that would have taken us three years, if we could have stayed together that long!
Now we have been in recovery for 12 months. We have a better relationship than we did before, we  are very close”.

Professional Woman,