Sex Addiction Diagnosis

One of the methods used by The Oak Centre for assisting in the assessment of sex addiction is the Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI) which consists of an extensive online questionnaire that typically takes clients about two hours to complete.

The SDI has been developed by the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) and is an excellent means for identifying behaviour patterns which can assist in the development of an individual’s recovery program.

Using the SDI, we are able to compare your answers to people who have been assessed as having sex addiction as well as to people who do not show symptoms of sex addiction. This extensive database is comprised of survey results from thousands of individuals, both sex addicts and non sex addicts and is regularly refreshed with new survey results.

Once your SDI is completed, your counsellor will spend time with you discussing the results in detail.

For further information regarding the Sexual Dependency Inventory, email or telephone The Oak Centre on 0448 966 281 (Australia) or 61 448 966 281 (International).