Our Approach

From Chaos to Recovery

The Oak Centre provides a holistic, task-centred approach to overcoming sex addiction. There are typically a number of underlying factors that need to be considered as part of a person’s long-term recovery program including family of origin issues, childhood neglect and/or abuse, traumatic events and life experiences, inability to manage emotional states and dysfunctional relationships.

It is not uncommon for people struggling with sex addiction to also have other addictive behaviours and the interaction of multiple addictions is an important consideration in our treatment approach. Addiction “switching” occurs when a person abstains from a particular addictive behaviour but replaces it with another addictive behaviour. This is one of the reasons why it is important to identify a person’s deeper, underlying issues as part of the recovery process.

We also recognise that each person’s life experiences are unique and we therefore adopt a “tailored” approach to accommodate a person’s specific life circumstances and experiences. In this sense The Oak Centre is highly flexible to the needs of our clients.