Method of Counselling

The Oak Centre offers counselling services via the following methods:

  • Skype video conferencing (see & speak)
  • Skype audio counselling (speak only)
  • In-Office counselling
  • Intensive Workshops

Given the limited number of specialist sex addiction counsellors within Australia, we have found that Skype video conferencing is an effective way to provide access to our counselling services for those who live some distance away from our In-Office facilities.

Using Skype video conferencing we are able to service clients throughout Australia and Internationally.

Skype is a FREE application that runs on your computer and allows you and your counsellor to see and speak to each other just as you would in an In-Office counselling session. Many computers have a built in camera and microphone or you can buy a plug in camera/microphone where needed.

To assist you, we have provided a simple Skype Set-Up Guide which can be found under the Resources tab on the Home Page menu.

Skype video conferencing offers a number of benefits including:

  • Accessibility ¨We can reach each other from anywhere in the world
  • Communication ¨We are able to see and hear each other in real time
  • Convenience ¨You can access our services in the privacy of your own home or office
  • Time efficient ¨You do not need to take time off work or travel anywhere

In addition, to Skype video, we also offer Skype Audio for clients who have a computer and access to the Internet but do not have a camera for a video connection.

Our In-Office counselling services and our Intensive Workshops are conducted from our Canberra facilities.