Couples Counselling

In couples counselling we focus on the impact of sex addiction on both individuals as well as on the relationship. It may be that both people are acting out sexually or it may be just one person that is struggling with sex addiction. Either way, the addictive behaviour affects both individuals as well as the relationship itself.

As with individual counselling, an important aspect of The Oak Centre’s approach to couples counselling is working with each couple to identify and clarify personal values, both as individuals and importantly as a couple.

Areas of focus for couples counselling include:

  • Clarifying personal values
  • Developing a disclosure plan
  • Developing behavioural boundaries that protect and empower
  • Learning to manage emotional states in healthy ways
  • Learning ‘Intimacy Dialogue’ skills to improve communication
  • Establishing or re-establishing intimacy within the relationship

For further information regarding couples counselling, email or telephone The Oak Centre on 0448 966 281 (Australia) or 61 448 966 281 (International).