Our Fees

For information regarding Individual counselling or our Couples Workshop or Partners Healing Workshop, email info@sexaddictionhelp.com.au or call The Oak Centre on 0448 966 281 (Australia) or 61 448 966 281 (International).

Payment Conditions

For both On-line and In-Office counselling services we require that you make full payment no less than 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment date.

Once you have made an appointment with The Oak Centre, you will receive a PayPal invoice for your upcoming counselling session. To pay you simply click on the Pay Invoice button located in the lower left corner of the invoice – then simply follow the steps.

Payment can be made by either:

  • Your own PayPal account
  • Your credit card

Note: If payment is not received 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment date your appointment time may be allocated to another client.