How It Works

The Oak Centre offers counselling services via the following methods:

  • Skype video counselling
  • Skype audio counselling
  • In-Office counselling
  • Intensive Workshops (Refer Home Page)

We have found that Skype video counselling is an effective way to provide access to our counselling services for those who live some distance away from our In-Office facilities.

Using Skype video conferencing we are able to service clients throughout Australia and Internationally.

Skype is a FREE application that runs on your computer and allows you and your counsellor to see and speak to each other just as you would in an In-Office counselling session. Many computers have a built in camera and microphone or you can buy a plug in camera/microphone where needed.

To assist you we have provided a simple Skype Set-Up Guide which can be found under the Resources tab.

Skype video counselling offers a number of benefits including:

  • Accessibility – we can reach each other from anywhere in the world
  • Communication – we are able to see and speak to each other in real time
  • Convenience – you can access our services in the privacy of your own home or office
  • Time efficient – you do not need to take time off work or travel anywhere

Our Intensive Workshops are usually held in Canberra or alternatively can be held in other locations subject to the number of attendees and costs considerations.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy – simply follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Contact Us  

We recommend that you contact us by telephone or email to learn more about our services, discuss your own needs and explore how we may be able to assist you. There is NO CHARGE or obligation for your initial enquiry and any discussion is kept in confidence.

Step 2 – How to book a Counselling Session

Online Skype Counselling

Once you have made an appointment, you need to confirm your appointment by doing three things:

  1. Make full payment for your counselling appointment no less than 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment date.After you have made a counselling appointment, you will receive a PayPal invoice for your upcoming counselling session. To pay you simply click on the Pay Invoice button located in the lower left corner of the invoice – then simply follow the steps.Payment can be made by either:
    • Your own PayPal account
    • Your credit card

    Note: PayPal is one of the most secure online payment facilities in the world with over 250 million customers.

    After your full payment is received, you will be sent an email confirming receipt of payment, your appointment date and time and your allocated counsellor.

    If payment is not received 48 hours PRIOR to your appointment date your appointment time may be allocated to another client.

  2. Click on the Accept Terms & Conditions icon and after reviewing the Terms & Conditions, click on the Submit button
  3. For your first appointment only, complete a New Client Registration Form which can be downloaded from the Resources tab. Once you have completed the New Client Registration Form you need to scan and email the form to (For future appointments you do not need to complete this form).By completing the registration form you will be providing some background information that will assist your counsellor in his/her planning prior to your first session and for use in future sessions.Note:The information you provide to The Oak Centre is kept in confidence.

In-Office Counselling (Canberra)

For In-Office counselling you are able to complete the above three tasks at the time of your appointment. However, you may choose to complete the Accept Terms & Conditions and New Client Registration Form via our web site to save time on the day of your appointment. Payment can be made on the day of your appointment.

Step 3 – Skype Testing

If you are using Skype for the first time, we require that you test your Skype connection with a friend or family member at least several days prior to your session time. This will also help you to become familiar with Skype.  To assist you in downloading the Skype application we have provided a Skype Set-Up Guide under the Resources tab on our Home Page menu.


Step 4 – How to “connect” with your counsellor  

Check that you have an Internet connection by opening up Internet Explorer or any other browser application. Once you have an Internet connection, simply open up the Skype application on your computer at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time – then wait.

Your counsellor will call you at the appointed time and you will hear the Skype ring tone – then you just need to click on the Answer Video Call button and you will be connected to your counsellor. Once connected, you will see a small picture of yourself and larger picture of your counsellor on your computer screen. You are then able to commence your session.

Note: For Skype audio only counselling sessions, you just need to click on the Answer Call button.

Note: For all Skype sessions, your counsellor will initiate the call – you only need to accept the call when it rings.